Portable Drinking Bottle


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In warm weather, responsible dog owners carry sufficient water with them for both their own needs and their dog’s – ultimately you can never rely on stumbling across a fresh spring, a clear stream or a romantic inn in the forest while out and about. One practical solution is the LIST outdoor drinking bottle and bowl. 
The LIST outdoor drinking bottle and bowl contains a little over half a litre of water. The food grade silicon pouring device allows you to offer your dog a drink of water at any time and in any place. 
Using the integrated carabiner, it is very simple to attach the bottle to a belt loop, a bag or your backpack. As a result, the LIST outdoor drinking bottle and silicon bowl is always ready to hand. The silicon cap prevents the bottle from leaking. 
Another practical aspect is the fact that the dishwasher-proof silicon pouring device can also be removed from the LIST drinking bottle. It fits onto the threads of many commercial water bottles. 
Available in two colours. 

Size | 550ml

Dimensions | 20cm

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Tan, Red