Dog Life Jacket


 If your follically blessed is too rock and roll to be wearing boring gear whilst out on their expeditions then the SaltyDOG Dog Life Jacket is a new Australian best seller and the must have for canine water safety and buoyancy.

Packed with features for dogs that love to join their humans in the pool, kayaking, boating, surfing, paddle boarding or just paddling down at the beach. We have designed this premium floatation device to include thoughtful details like a strong handle that has been optimally positioned to lift dogs out of the water, reflective trim for enhanced visibility, a natural swimming position made possible by strategically placed closed cell foam panels and a telescoping neck closure which adjusts for a range of dog sizes.

If your best mate wants to feel safe while shredding the deep blue like Fanning and also offer you better peace of mind then you can be confident you have invested well in your dog’s safety while out on the water with our product.




  • Natural swimming position made possible by strategically‐placed closed cell foam panels
  • Strong, low‐profile handle is optimally positioned to help dogs out of water
  • Telescoping neck closure adjusts for a range of dog sizes and is permanently attached and secure
  • Easy‐to‐clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place over time
  • Water‐compatible webbing remains stable in wet environments
  • Low‐light visibility with reflective trim


  • Secure fasteners
  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry

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